The Preservation and Conservation Section together with the Preservation and Conservation Strategic Programme will hold a two-day Satellite meeting August 10-11, 2016 at the Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA focusing on high density storage for library materials.

Learn about the criteria for developing and building high density storage of environmentally sound and secure storage for library materials. Hear what your colleagues and experts have to say about the standards and technology for high density and long term secure storage for collections.  The Library of Congress (LOC) provides sound environments for library and archive materials from paper to audio visual materials including film, tape, paper, photographs and digital files.  Learn about the standards used for developing the building envelopes and storage areas for library materials during this satellite meeting.  In addition, learn about how to improve the conditions in older buildings by working with HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems to maximize the equipment efficiency. 

Day one will be half day of presentations from solicited and selected papers and will include a tour of the Ft Meade high density storage facility.  Day two will be at the National Audio/Visual Conservation Center with tours and presentations in the afternoon to demonstrate storage solutions worldwide. Topics for safe storage could include:  disaster mitigation, A/V storage, digital repositories, mixed storage of materials, and storage for small and underfunded institutions, shared storage across institutions, renovation for storage.